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Condition Guide

A slight deviation/nic on an edge/corner.
A tiny surface scratch, usually it will only show under certain lighting at an angle.
Slightly off centered.
A minor printing error.
Very slight curling on foils.
Minor surface scratching on front or back.
Minor edge/corner wear or nics.
Minor printing errors.
Minor curling or minor clouding on Foils.(Some specialty releases like commander/from the vault have foils that are more curled that we still consider as NM)

Lightly Played
Moderate surface scratching/whitening on front or back.
Moderate edge/corner wear or nics.
Moderate curling.
Moderate clouding on Foils.
Minor binder indentation.
Stamped from pro events.
Heavily Played/Damaged
Major surface scratching/whitening on front or back.
Major edge/corner wear or nics.
Minor creases but not across the entire card top to bottom or side to side.
Moderate amount of Inking or writing on the front or back.
Moderate center shuffle creasing.
Moderate warping.
Major foil curling
Minor to Moderate water damage.
Moderate binder indentation.
Artist signature that has been smudged or faded.
Collectors’ Edition cards with clipped corners.
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